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Certified Student Loan Professional (CSLPĀ®)

Achieving Life's Goals While Repaying Student Loans

Today there are more than 43 million student loan borrowers that make up roughly $1.62 trillion in outstanding federal student loan debt.  Young professionals on average are beginning their careers owing on average more than $28,950 in undergraduate loans.  The debt load for those professionals with advanced degrees can exceed $100,000 easily.  As higher education becomes more of a cultural norm debt balances continue to increase and become a significant part of the budget for many.  This is why student loan repayment strategies are an integral part of comprehensive financial planning for current and future generations.  The approach chosen for repaying student loans by young, early career college graduates may have a significant impact on their future financial success! 

Navigating Repayment Options

Traditional repayment options for borrowers to opt into in order to pay their loans in full include Standard, Extended, and Graduated repayment plans.  In addition to these options there are currently five different Income-Driven Repayment (IDR) plans which are characterized by adjusting the required minimum payment based on the borrowers household discretionary income.   These IDR plans offer borrowers the option for federal student loan forgiveness if they're able to meet the provided requirements.  Each individual IDR plan has different characteristics and eligibility requirements such as student loan types, year in which student loans were disbursed, partial financial hardship, etc.  We've found through our experience in assisting clients that the process of selecting a loan repayment plan can be confusing and stressful, ultimately leading many borrowers to choose a plan that may not be most optimal for their current and long-term financial objectives.  We understand that by selecting the right plan the first time we can save our clients both time and money!

Incorporating Repayment Into Planning

Student loan repayment programs can also be directly affected by numerous factors in beyond a borrower's income.  As a Certified Student Loan Professional we understand how changes in income, lifestyle, and other personal factors affect the various repayment plans, and can help the borrower to implement a suitable financial strategy to lessen their impact.  More importantly as subject matter experts specializing in student loans, we're able to link student loan repayment with other important financial matters for our clients such as tax planning strategies, retirement planning, home purchases and starting a business.  We take pride in helping borrowers understand the risks associated with various repayment options which ultimately empowers the client to make an informed decision.  Borrowers who partner with a financial professional that holds the CSLP®  designation  can trust that their advisor has the knowledge to help them make informed repayment decisions that fit into the context of their changing life personally, professionally, and financially!

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