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With over 50 years of combined experience in the financial services arena, the team is well equipped to provide ideas and strategies to implement a plan to achieve your long term financial success . Our interest is to work with those individuals and small businesses that are looking for a process that does not follow the traditional "financial planning" model, which has proven to fail time and time again.

A successful plan does not rely on "hope".  Investment markets are not linear; cash flows are not static; tax rates change; life events occur; inflation encompasses more than the Consumer Price Index;  all of which will impact any financial plan. We cannot "hope" that these factors are always favorable in order for a plan to work.....because we know life is not always perfect.

Our approach is process driven: 

  • We believe that financial organization is critical in order to see how decisions impact the plan from a macro economic or wide angle view.
  • We have a protection first philosophy.  We cannot predict when a lawsuit, illness / injury or unexpected death will occur.  Because of this, we must start here to insulate the plan from a crippling financial event.
  • Our view of saving 15% or more of your gross income while living a fulfilling and budgeted lifestyle produces a greater impact than taking on market risk, working longer or changing your lifestyle later in life.
  • The presence of liquid and accessible accounts in the amount of at least one year of income is prudent in order to cover emergency needs, unexpected expenses or investment opportunities that become available.
  • We have a goal of eliminating consumer debts and/or those debts that don't have long amortization schedules, low interest and tax favored characteristics.

  Share with us your situation so we have the opportunity to make a difference for you and those you care about.


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