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Student Loan Information

COVID-19 Relief 

6-month Suspension of all Direct Federal student loan payments (interest & principal)

  • Borrowers can still make payments toward their loans during this period which may be beneficial depending on the overall strategy, for PSLF that isn't the case (see below). 
  • This suspension is in place from March 13th 2020 to September 30th 2020. As of April 10th, 2020 auto-debit payments are put on pause and any amount debited from March 13th, 2020 to now can be returned.  

For Public Service Loan Forgiveness......

  • Section C of the CARES Act mandates that the period of time that payments are suspended will be considered as qualifying for forgiveness.
  • Borrowers in Income-Driven-Repayment plans and borrowers that are working toward PSLF are better off not making payments during this suspension period.

This is an opportunity to redirect your monthly student loan payments toward your goals and/or higher interest debts.

 If you'd like to coordinate a time to discuss further please let me know.  

Guardian does not offer student loans or any counseling to attain or pay down student loans.

For more information on student loans contact Michael Acosta